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Hotel rooms room rates
  • The historical 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers in Bad Friedrichshall-Kochendorf was built in the year 1553.
  • The philosophy, combining sophistictated dining- and living culture, was initiated with the latest construction phase in the beginning of 1997. Individual theme rooms, furnished with a lot of artistic and historical skills, are the impressing result.
  • Elevator: The castle hotel 741-lehe has an elevator, but it’s quite small. It depends on the size of the wheelchair, if a person in a wheelchair can take the elevator without leaving his / her wheelchair. If the person in the wheelchair can leave his / her wheelchair, then it’s possible that the person takes the elevator and the wheelchair can be brought to the room.
  • Reception: The entrance of the reception has 1 step.
  • Restaurant: The restaurant is big enough for wheelchairs, you can drive into the restaurant with the wheelchair.
  • Bathroom: The bathrooms of the bedrooms are also OK for wheelchairs. A wheelchair user can drive into the bathroom with a wheelchair. The bedrooms of the 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar have either bath tubs or showers. Bath tubs are no problem for wheelchair users and if a bedroom has a shower, the showers are wide enough.

Room offer

  • 38 beds
  • 4 single bedrooms
  • 17 double bedrooms

Room rates

For 1 person:
Single bedroom or double bedroom or parlor room or junior suite in single bedroom use for 1 person, with telephone, cable TV, mini bar, partly with ISDN line and shower or bath and private toilet, including breakfast buffet for 1 person, per night room rates

For 2 people:
Double bedroom or parlor room or junior suite for 2 people, with telephone, cable TV, mini bar, partly with ISDN line and shower or bath and private toilet, including breakfast buffet for 2 people, per night room rates

Children price

Check in from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. or please call the phone number, which you will receive per e-mail with the reservation confirmation.

Check out until 10:30 a.m.

Vacation dinner package "Half-board" not possible.

Dog price

Parking The 741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar Rivers has a parking lot with about 20 parking lots. The use of the hotel own parking lots is free of charge for hotel guests.




741-lehe castle hotel Kocher-Neckar rivers, Baden-Wurttemberg

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